Pilates is a mind-body workout designed to strengthen your core muscles. It will improve your posture, tone your muscles, reduce stress and help you to become stronger and fitter. It is also widely recognised to help the recovery of injuries and back pain in particular.

My classes are always varied and aim to challenge, lengthen & strengthen. I want you to walk out of my classes feeling energised and a couple of inches taller.

When I started practising Pilates I noticed the benefits almost immediately. Growing up with a mother who was a yoga teacher, I have always been aware of the importance of correct posture whether sitting, standing or moving. I was fascinated by how Pilates reinforces the correct patterns of movement and helps to counteract the negative effects modern life has on our bodies. We spend so much time hunched over desks, mobile phones, laptops, etc that working on postural alignment and inner strength is more important than ever before to avoid more serious problems both now and in later life.

I believe in taking a holistic approach to healthy living. My classes will teach you how to incorporate the principles of Pilates into your daily lives promoting a strong and healthy body to protect you against the strains of our modern lives. It’s about “LIVING PILATES”!

I am a qualified level 3 Advanced Pilates instructor, trained with Body Control Pilates - Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation. I also hold all relevant insurance cover as well as being CPR certified.